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Songs featuring food sounds like music to my stomach

Regular readers of this blog may think that I’m so obsessed with food, that there’s no space for any other hobbies. Well, no. I’m actually almost just as mad about music, if not at some times even more.
Food and music pair up exceptionally well, actually they visit each other’s territory more often than you’d think – it’s certainly no surprise to me how chains like Hard Rock CafĂ© continue to draw crowds. The mix works as well as a fully loaded Long Island Ice Tea drink.

This week, I’d like to share with you my favourite songs with a food reference to feed your apetite. Some hilarious, some very serious indeed – but all yum to my ears. Missing anything or want to point my nose into a different sound? Well just let me know 😉

10. Peeled Apples – Manic Street Preachers

A very recent song by the band whom I called my idols when I was a teenager. I’ve never really gone off them (however I no longer put on glitter and feather boas as they would too in the nineties *gulp*). Good to see they’ve also found the food route – if only in the title of a song.

9. Mexican Seafood – Nirvana

So it’s actually about a yeast infection (let’s not go there…). Nirvana were one of the rock greats so a song by them just has to be added to this chart. They’ve also got Big Cheese and Penny Royal Tea in their food/dinks collection if you fancy that more than seafood.

8. Eat It – Weird Al Yankovic

No list about food and music is complete without Weird Al Yankovic, the guy best (or only) known for his parodies of well known hits. And he loves food as a theme as well – it was pretty hard to choose between I’m Fat, Lasagna, Spam, The White Stuff and this one…the fact that it’s a ‘tribute’ to poor Wacko Jacko got Eat It onto the list. And because it has  pretty amazingly 80’s video to go with it 😉

7. Vegetables – Beach Boys

The Beach Boys could be named as one of my favourite bands all time. Their genius have inspired many artists known today, and they love their vegetables too (and many other disputable substances in their time, oh well). Random trivia: the story goes that Paul McCartney can be heard munching celery in the background of this song, as he was in the studio at the time of recording…

6. Buttered Popcorn – The Supremes

I like my popcorn, and I like motown. Thank you Diana Ross and Supremes for this fine mix. More butter more butter more butter more!

5. Burrito – Seether

I won’t hide being proud of my roots, now the Chinese don’t have good English singers to add to this list, but the South Africans do. Seether may live in the US but are from SA. This rock band has all sorts of songs with well hard rocking titles, but also this lovely Mexican snack. Apparently they chose this title after watching an episode of The Osbournes in which Ozzy Osbourne fancied having a burrito…

4. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Lovely weekend music to lounge away on a sunny day, Jack Johnson is a safe bet. He likes banana pancakes, and so do I.

3. Honey Pie – The Beatles

So it was this or Brown Sugar by the Rolling Stones, just to bring up the old rivalry. However, brown sugar is an ingredient and Honey Pie, when not used to refer to a certain female as in the song, is actual food, so the The Beatles win this round.

2. Too Much Food – Jason Mraz

He’s one of my favourite artists at the moment, singer, great entertainer and blogger (including a recent hilarious post on fun bananas, it should’ve been on this blog ;-)). He sings about having too much food on his plate, this can happen from time to time and will leave you bloated if you don’t just stop eating. However I don’t often have too much of Jason’s music.

1. Peaches – The Presidents of the Unites States of America (1995)

One of the funniest and biggest hits about food in the nineties has to be Peaches. And how we can still crack a smile when we hear ‘millions of peaches, peaches for me/millions of peaches, peaches for free…LOOK OUT!’. The Presidents still perform, and I can say they’re still very well worth a visit if you’re in a for a laugh.