About me and my stomach

To start off, some basic stats that everyone seems to need before reading on:

  • late twenties
  • female
  • have man
  • have cats
  • have job
  • live in Amsterdam
  • so, have bike

Now we know each other a little, here’s what I blog about…

I can’t keep track of how many times people have come up to me saying:

“Wow, whenever I see you, you’re eating”

It’s taken some time, but I’ve learnt to accept the fact that I’m a fan of food. Groupie, even. My desk at work holds more food than work. My freezer’s ready for days when you can’t be bothered to go out but need to entertain 10 guests. And yes, as much as my boyfriend detests this, I put countries on my travel to-do list  for its regional dishes. And it doesn’t necessarily has to be haute cuisine. Great home style cooking and even fast food can hold very precious gems for my stomach (which sometimes has trouble keeping up but thankfully hasn’t decided to rent some extra space).


It must be a combination of things. First, there’s my background. With roots in South Africa and Hong Kong but growing up mostly in (cuisineless) Netherlands, there was a huge distance between the families, but the common love for food kept, and keeps, us close. And what’s better than having multicultural dim sum? As boerewors and noodles can go together just fine as long as you can’t decide what you’d rather have for dinner.

Then there’s the fascination for food and eating habits from the country I’ve called home for many years, the Netherlands. There’s a reason why Dutch people can be found in almost every country of the world, but never cooking in that cosy home style Dutch restaurant. There’s just no market out there interested in 3 courses of mashed food. Nor is there anyone interested in eating spaghetti with a knife and fork (sorry Dutch friends, after 20 years this still gets me every single time).  But it’s a shame really, as over the years I’ve found out that Dutch food may never qualify for haute cuisine, a hearty pea soup and kroket (a meat snack) is just perfect comfort food for those cold days.

Last but certainly not least, yes, I’m a spotter. No, not trains, but shopping carts. There’s nothing more satisfying than analysing people through watching their food shopping habits. I just love seeing how food can reveal marital status, lifestyle and general taste. It’s also great for gathering some inspiration for next week’s meals.

So you’ve probably guessed it by now – this blog is all about food, all over the world. It’s more fascinating and perhaps more intimate than just reading about just someone’s private life and political views again. It’s probably also completely pointless, but I’ll think about that after my snack.

Eet smakelijk!*


*have a nice meal in Dutch


4 responses to “About me and my stomach

  1. well if there were such a thing as a “blog warming” I’d attend- but since there isn’t , a good old congratulations will have to do. I have no doubt you will lead us all to to gastronomical nirvana!

  2. Hey Helen, very cool!! I will be a frequent reader! Good luck. PS, check your phone, sent you an SMS 😉

  3. He Helen!! Ik doe het gewoon in het Nederlands hoor! Staat stoer tussen al dat Engels!! Val ik tenminste een beetje op…

    Maarreh, ik blijf graag op de hoogte van je whereabouts, dusseh, ik houd je in de gaten!

  4. Hi,

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    Have a great day and hope to hear from you.

    Happy blogging.

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