Poutine, AKA all the stuff you shouldn’t eat in one dish

Quebec, Canada…home of some of North America’s prettiest French architecture and many art and music festivals.It was an absolute pleasure exploring the province this summer.
We visited Quebec city where we stayed in this little chateau, called Chateau de Frontenac:


OK, so it’s actually pretty much most amazing dream castle I’ve ever stayed in, complete with it’s own chateau dog. Thank you economic crisis for helping us fund this wonderful night.

Next, we went on to what’s one of North America’s most premier cities for artists of all kinds, Montreal. Such a lively town, we managed to visit 3 festivals in the week we spent there. Not bad. Ever wonder what Coldplay at the annual Osheaga festival looks like in combination with the fireworks festival of neighbouring Parc Jean Drupeau?

Coldplay at Osheaga festival AND fireworks festival at Parc Jean Drupeau at the same time...

Not bad at all either, eh?

Anyway, enough talk about culture again, on to the food. The one dish that the Qeubecois people claim as national dish is called poutine. As the blog’s title already hints, it’s a serious threat to any diet out there, so stop reading if you’re struggling to stay off snacks just now.
Poutine contains everything in the hearty section we love to have as a treat: thick cut fries, rich gravy (chicken or turkey) and fresh cheese curds, or mozzarella as alternative.
Sounds bad? Well, this is only the basic version! In Quebec, you can find variations containing the above and bolognese sauce, sausage or a whole host of other ‘extra toppings’. I can just feel the punds piling on by typing this up.
One seriously doesn’t need to have any more food on a day after having a plate of this, however we all know how fast food make us feel after a couple of hours – just damn hungry again. So poutine should not become a routine part of your diet. Sorry, just had to use the poutine/routine combination somewhere. I’ve no sense of humor, got it.

However, even though it’s bad and a little more bad on the side, I love this stuff. I’d be proud of inventing this dish as it’s definitely a high scoring comfort snack. In fact, I’ve grown to like poutine so much over the years that I just had to invent my own little alternative. Here’s a lighter option for you to try at home:

– oven fries
– light gravy (most large supermarkets should stock this, in this case beef gravy’s OK)
– light mozzarella

Just pour over the gravy, as much as you fancy. However don’t make your fries swim in it – in this dish you don’t want sloppy chips! Also, do not over-salt the oven fries until you’ve poured over the gravy. Usually your gravy will be salty enough. Once done, cut mozzarella into cubes and sprinkle over.
Ét voila! One portion of poutine you can run off a little quicker.


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