Take me out to the ball game, they serve hot dogs and beer…

Ah, finally some time to blog again. Was time for some much needed holidays, and of course I made sure to take a load of food pics to talk about now we’re back home again. Watch this space the coming weeks for more stories on Boston and the lovely Quebec and Montreal in Canada!
I’ll kick off with a topic I’d been looking forward to share for a while, baseball cuisine 🙂


I’d been to baseball matches before, but never to a recent world champ (I’m a Blue Jays girl through the closer bond to Toronto, Canada).
We were lucky enough to get tickets for the Boston Red Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles at the legendary Fenway Park stadium, one of the oldest baseball venues in the States.
The Red Sox were unfortunately on a bit of a losing streak when we arrived to Boston. However the food entertainment on offer was a winner, as usually the case with American sports matches. So we weren’t too worried, we were pretty sure we’d be entertained whatever the outcome. You see, I just love the different hot dog and pizza stands and watching local kids running up and down all the rows of seats shouting out their offers of peanuts, cotton candy, water…you name it, they got it. And you don’t have to miss a thing. Something that we definitely miss over here in Europe. If we need to get something during play, chances are you’re going to miss that crucial goal while you’re queuing up. IMG_0379

Now in Boston, there’s all the above, but there’s an added bonus to visiting the ball game over here. One of the things that Boston’s famous for are lobsters. Originally served as prison food (you read that one right-got this from our Boston tour guide) a couple of centuries ago, it’s now a bit more expensive but still great value to have lobster in Boston. And they’re quite good at it!
One of the favourites are lobster rolls, quite literally a bread roll pretty stuffed with lobster, served with just a little lemon for extra flavour. I never thought I’d have delicious seafood at a sport match, so this was my highlight of the match. Oh and the Red Sox took the lead, which was nice.
As the match went on, we of course had to indulge in the all American hot dog. I’m a big fan, and it must be said that the only decent hot dogs are served on the America side of the Atlantic. We took a regular hot dog which was a little plain unfortunately, and an Italian Dog which was quite the works. Woof.IMG_0383

After washing down our snacks with a pint of beer, the Red Sox won. Did our presence lead them to the win? Probably. All the merrier was our walk back to the hotel.
Before heading off to enjoy the weekend, do you know the answer to this: why is it that one can only get unhealthy food/drinks at sports events? Should we be having salads and fruit juices or anything that’s closer to an athletic lifestyle?


One response to “Take me out to the ball game, they serve hot dogs and beer…

  1. I don’t know if I’d like watching sports as much if it wasn’t constantly accompanied by some kind of salty snack plus a beer/cider.
    I had cheese and onion crisps with my cider yesterday watching the hurling in mulligans- heaven.

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