Hungry search engine terms : Q & A

Ah the joys of internet search engines! People have never been able to find answers to even the most complicated questions so quickly without having to leave the comfort of their home.

Sometimes, the answer is to visit this blog, as yes I do provide essential information concerning responsible snacking and professional eating behaviour observance. Or so I do wish.

Behind every good blog there’s always a nice dashboard from where one writes and edits their site, can find numbers of visits and also reveal search engine terms which have led people to this site (of course, I’ll *only* see the terms, not from where/who/vital statistics etc.).  I must say, THANK YOU for making my day. I never knew there were so many of you looking for airline meals info or such random things as wanting to turn milk tarts into drinks. To show my gratitude, I shall use this post to try and give you an accurate answer to the best search queries I’ve received so far, as of course you will have only found parts of your answer through the blogs.

1. Nana Mouskouri’s moussaka recipe
Well, as you know, Nana Mouskouri’s a very well known Greek singer. And moussaka’s one of the Greek god’s gifts to mankind. I’m sure she must’ve had plenty of moussaka, however she’s not published a recipe or written a song about just yet. I’d stick to other people’s recipes, like the one you can find on the recipe page here.

2. KLM smoked almonds
Smoked almonds are the signature starter snack KLM hands out on their long haul flights. However, my best guess is that this comes from an inflight caterer and not from an actual food brand that you can find in the shops over here. I’m sure it would do good though.

3. A milk tart in Afrikaans
Is called melktert

4. sea food wine
I’m into many things, but I think I’d pass if someone’d offer me wine made out of seafood. Or did you mean wine that goes well with seafood? In that case, I’d go for white wines, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay or chablis depending on the type of seafood you take. But remember, rule 1 of a good wine for you is always that you like the taste. Don’t bother too much downing a terrible drink in your opinion only because someone writes that it pairs well with your dish. The best lesson I ever learnt at a wine tasting session.

5. what meals do you get on british airways
This, depends on the destination you’re going to. My experience is a UK style sandwich on short haul flights (think prawn mayo, cheese and pickle etc.) and a selection of a western and regional style meals on long haul. Breakfasts are usually small versions of the good old British fry up.

6. milk tart drink
Interesting. I’ve never heard of someone turning a cake into a drink. In fact this is so intriguing, I might try this one myself. Best guess is to leave out flour and cornstarch. But how to add some crust flavour..?

7. instant noodles inflight menu/instant noodles on British Airways
I’ll answer two questions in one here as they show similarities. Instant noodles aren’t on any official inflight menus, but some larger airlines carry them as extra snack on long haul flights, usually given out at night to whoever’s not asleep. Most of the time I find they serve Nissin brand chicken cup noodles. If you liked your cup, you can find this brand at most large Chinese supermarkets around the world.

8. airlinemeals 2009 klm/ food served on klm
For summer 2009, I know that KLM is offering a selection of African themed meals and South African wines on their long haul flights to promote their African destinations. I love them.
For European flights, it will just be the sometimes interesting sandwich.

9. clip business have meal
What on Earth are you talking about?

10. effect of drinking tomato juice on face
The most amusing search query that ended up on this site. This triggered me to do a little research, and this is the result:
Some people say that a mixture containing tomato juice and other natural ingredients (depending on the desired effect) will help fight acne, whiten your skin if you’ve been tanned, or just to get a general glowing look. However, my advice is to not believe it and to go to the store, beautician or doctor to help you. All tomato juice will do is make you smell rather bad and leave your face bright red. If it’s a Bloody Mary you happened to have applied, you’ll also be crying your eyes out.

11. netherlands or dutch or holland dike or
So, it’s The Netherlands officially. Sometimes called Holland, which actually only refers to the provinces of North Holland and South Holland (Amsterdam/Rotterdam as main cities). People from other parts of the country could take offence if you mention they’re from Holland. Inhabitants are called Dutch, queen Beatrix has been on the throne since 1980, and the country depends heavily on its dykes. Yes, this spelling is usually used even though it may also refer to a lesbian. But then The Netherlands is (would like to be) an open minded country. If you’re interested, visit the Delta works in the Zeeland province – or google that instead.

12. baked milk tart recipe
Visit my recipe page for a nice milktart!


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  1. I love Marcona Almonds…They are the best almonds around. Thanks for the comment on my High Fructose Corn Syrup post. Stop by my blog & share your thoughts. Have a good one.

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