Student comfort food

People who’ve experienced college life will all have something in common: working all night to reach a deadline. Once they graduate, they vow never to study again, settle down and file their marathon shifts under the category ‘back in the day’, subfile ‘glad I don’t have to go through that anymore’.

Some people, such as myself, however make the smart or absolutely insane decision to take up another part time course after full time college life. Yes, it has the advantage of having that second degree you should’ve really gotten the first time round but hadn’t figured out at the time that it was the right course to do and there were no hot men walking around there etc., etc., etc., but more importantly, here I am working on my thesis at 5 in the morning.

So what has this got to do with food, you ask? Well, everything! My all-nighter tonight brought back memories of a significant help during those hard times: student comfort food. Oddly enough, or perhaps actually not surprising at all, my kitchen contains enough food of this category to satisfy my cravings.

To qualify for student comfort food, consumables need to meet most of the following criteria:
– cheap
– quick
– microwavable or frozen
– often tinned
– in small portions. Like, you can’t have a full meal and work at the same time, duh!

Let’s go through a little top 10 of student comfort food lying around the hungryhelen ops base:

10. Mini milktart. I know my previous blog writes about this being an absolute success, but I should keep in mind only ‘mature’ students like myself will bake their own cakes. If it were from the local supermarket, it could’ve scored higher.
9. Tinned veggies (peas, corn…) – easy, cheap, vitamins and requires just a spoon to scoop out. Lovely.
8. Last night’s dinner. Easy option, but you always feel like you should’ve kept it for the next day like you said you would. The student will now have to buy another meal instead of beer with their last two Euros.
7. Chocolate. Makes frustrated students happy, however, chocolate is consumed all day at work and college, how much more can a human take?
6. Tinned fish. Tuna and mackerel are cheap, easy to scoop out and students will refer to it as healthy food. It goes great with melted cheese. What else do you want?
5. Eggs. Usually opted for at the end of the allnighter, this quickly refuels any starving student.
4. Potato crisps. No snack top 10 is complete without it. Not number 1 here though – it’s crispyness can interrupt sessions requiring absolute cncentration.
3. Ice cream. It’s a classic, it comes in many flavours including your dinner, and cools any overheated student down.
2. Instant noodles/soup. Why on 2? Because it has the disadvantage of having to be prepared, even though we do it with love.

And the winner…

1. Sausage! It’s nice and harty and fatty and chewy – instant comfort and requires no cutlery to eat. Boerewors, droë wors, bockwurst, frankfurter, salami, fuet, chorizo, breakfast sausage…hurray! Thanks for keeping me up all night!



2 responses to “Student comfort food

  1. Did you have ALL that last night?

    My personal favorites: oh, hang on, all of them!! Well, OK, except the ice cream (just not that into it), the milk tart (for the reason you indicate), and the tinned veggies (vitamins in cans?).

    I’ll add: pre-cut fresh mushrooms (from the supermarket), but beware of the OD, it’s surprisingly filling. And cheese. Large chunks of it. With cream crackers if there are any, but I can totally do without.

  2. Great list, and yes it’s made me hungry just reading! I was almost an exclusively nocturnal student so apart from the oceans of coffee, I think ham and cheese toasties with relish were my staple. Toast, so simple, but with a block of the right butter, it’s all you really need.

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