I’m such a (milk)tart – part 2

*check out the full recipe on the ‘recipes’ page!*

Finally, some time to finish baking the long drooled for milktart. I triple checked that all ingredients are here and chucked away the man who’s still doubting whether the tart will be baked at all, so I’m ready. Attempt #2, let’s start!

First, of course one needs to melt butter before being able to knead it with other ingredients. As I’ve got quite a short attention span, I start to write this weeks’ shopping list while waiting.IMAGE_357

Then, after transferring the now melted butter to a mixing bowl, add sugar and egg and whisk away. Do ensure you pour the suger into your measuring cup, not on your kitchen top like me, the idiot.

Add in the flour, sifted. I’ve always like sifting, it’s like being a percussionist in a way. Do it in a beat for a more musical crust.

IMAGE_358Let the games begin: kneading time! Often seen as the best part of the baking process, get your hands nice and dirty and knead until you have that nice soft dough. You know you’re on the right track if your kitchen has become a right mess by this point. In my case, uhm, yes. Check.


Now, you’re ready to fill your pie dish. Before doing so, draw a friendly face in your dough.


If you have any dough left like me, don’t throw it away, fill a muffin tin for some cute mini milktarts! And donIMAGE_360‘t forget feeding some dough to the (significant) other, as they seem to love tasting unfinished product.


While the crust is in the oven, start preparing the filling. Boil milk and butter mixture, and prepare a bowl of the other ingredients. Give it a good mix and throw it in the remix with some of the boiled milk, heat again until it’s as thick as a cream sauce, and wowsie – ready to fill the dish!

Et voila!

IMAGE_361Before putting it away in the fridge to set, I showed the result off to the now impressed man. Just a few more hours and some cinnamon sprinkled to taste and I can munch away and imagine I’m back in Africa again…yum! Don’t think there’ll be a lot of sharing of this one 😉


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