I’m such a (milk)tart – part 1

Milktart*, or in Afrikaans melktert, is one of South Africa’s best known desserts. It’s also one of my all-time favourite sweet treat.
Unfortunately, the number of South African eateries in Amsterdam can be counted on one hand, so the best way to get your milktart fix is by baking it yourself.

Now it’s been quite some years since I’ve baked a milktart, so I’ll have to start from scratch. This means absolute concentration and taking precautions against scenes possible to arise during the baking process:

– lock away the significant other who believes he can do anything better

– chase the cat out of the kitchen who really fancies leaving flour footprints around the house

– vodka, in case of failing miserably at this fist attempt (over 18 and 21 only depending on your country of residence ;-))







Once done, it’s time to gather all ingredients and tools. Add some leftover salad to snack on. From here, I’ll give you the step-by-step guide to baking this tart.


1. Peek at the recipe
2. Discover everything is noted in US units
3. Mild panic, start searching unit converters
4. Discover that fortunately the measuring cups show both US and metric unit sizes (THANK YOU IKEA)
5. Onwards, start measuring sugar
6. Add flour
7. Shucks, perhaps I should’ve bought some more flour
8. Whoopsie, I’m short of half a cup of flour
9. Abandon project
10. Admit failure to significant other who subsequently starts to laugh in my face

So it looks like I’m going to have to wait until tomorrow before showing off my skills. Until then, I’ll take a tiny shot of that vodka to drown my sorrows.

To be continued……….






*Want to make one too? Recipe will be up together with part 2!


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