Eating 9 to 5

Let’s take a look at some eating habits closer to home this time. To be precise, at work. Most of you who have a desk job will probably recognize a couple of things I’m going to describe today.

At our office, somewhere between the airport and a Dutch town one does not necessarily want to visit other than taking that second date you desperately want to ditch and never see again, you can safely state that we’re not only serious about our work, but at least just as serious about food.


My stomach, as you know, works 24 hour shifts. So in order to keep it satisfied I need to have enough options for breakfast, lunch and snacks around my desk.  I’ll start the day off with 2 sandwiches containing either honey, peanut butter or veggie spread(vegetarian pate is a lot better than horrible liver filled stuff, sorry if you’re having some of it right now) , some cheap’n’nasty office coffee and fruit juice. Then, around 11 AM, I’ll feel like a little snack and that may be everything from a biscuit to a sweet. For lunch, usually eaten at the desk, there are several options:

  • bring own lunch along – my preferred option. I try to not have bread 3 times (!) a day like the Dutch do. Ideally, I’d have 3 hot meals a day like people do where I come from. I can’t stress enough that the Dutch have peculiar eating habits.
  • buy something from what we refer to as ‘the lunchbus’ – yes, it’s a bus filled with lunch. Our friendly lunchbus guy sells everything from hearty buns to microwave meals. Don’t expect anything too healthy.
  • McDonalds. We hate to admit it, but it’s the only restaurant close to the office. On Fridays, never mind finding that colleague anywhere else but there. I’ve been trained now to find meals there which don’t hurt your diet any more than a meal from the above two options, as going to the airport for lunch just costs us too much energy. I’ll write about fast food at some point.


After lunch, there’s no way you can spend another 5 hours without chewing on something, so there will always be some fruit, vegetable snacks, soup, instant noodles or sweets lying around the desk, ready to be eaten.IMAGE_338

Looking at the above, this is what causes my colleagues to have a hard time imagining me without something to nibble on. However, a tour through just my office uncovers the secret food junkie life of my colleagues (and probably, you’ll find this too if you take a look around your work). You can find everything from innocent sweets, lunch tucked away in the fridge, to…

… avocados being grown on a desk…..IMAGE_329





…sweets hidden in a shoe…IMAGE_337




… and half an easter egg waiting to grow its own legs so it can walk off to a better place.IMAGE_330





However, the best discovery was after a tip to have a peek in colleague M.’s drawer. We always knew that he kept his own stash of peanut butter and chocolate spread, but that the stash could better be described as a warehouse… IMAGE_333

When comparing this with companies I worked for before taking my present job, I realise that although there may be a difference in terms of some offices having a proper canteen, or some being close to proper restaurants, there’s not much difference in the overall eating habits. Things like the above mentioned can be observed everywhere. This article only further proves my point.

So, what are your food habits at work? 😉


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